“Optimal Fiscal Limits with Overrides” (with Stephen Coate), June 2019, Journal of Public Economics

On-line Appendix
Pre-publicaton version

Working Papers

Backup Power: Public Implications of Private Substitutes for Electric Grid Reliability Accepted, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (with Paul Brehm and Sarah Johnston)
Crowd-Out of Private Contributions to Local Public Goods: Evidence from School Tax Referenda
Relaxing Electoral Constraints in Local Education Funding Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (with Michel Grosz)

Work in Progress

“Valuing Public School Facilities with Bond Elections in Ohio”
“Intra-district Allocation of School Facilities Spending” (with Michel Grosz)
“Quarterly, annual, or lifetime income? Income aggregation, taxation, and labor supply” (with Corina Mommaerts)
“The Kansas Tax Experiment: Did Industries Benefit?” (with Jehu Mette)

Other Work

“University Endowment Growth: Assessing Policy Proposals” (with Ronald Ehrenberg), 2014. Cornell Higher Education Research Institute Working Paper, WP162