“Optimal Fiscal Limits with Overrides” (with Stephen Coate), June 2019, Journal of Public Economics

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Working Papers

Crowd-Out of Private Contributions to Local Public Goods: Evidence from School Tax Referenda
Relaxing Electoral Constraints in Local Education Funding (with Michel Grosz)

Work in Progress

“Valuing Public School Facilities with Bond Elections in Ohio”
“Intra-district Allocation of School Facilities Spending” (with Michel Grosz)
“Quarterly, annual, or lifetime income? Income aggregation, taxation, and labor supply” (with Corina Mommaerts)
“Law Enforcement and Opioids” (with Daniel Grossman)

Other Work

“University Endowment Growth: Assessing Policy Proposals” (with Ronald Ehrenberg), 2014. Cornell Higher Education Research Institute Working Paper, WP162